Recent Developments


Earlier this summer I had a lot of problems with deer, as I have had in previous years. They ate everything I grew in the yard, the hostas, tomatoes, black-eyed susans, daisies, lilies, impatiens, mums and anything else that came up. It was so devastating to never see the lilies bloom and to lose the mums in bud never bloom.

This year, I came across a new animal repellent called “Liquid Fence” at our local nursery. They recommended it highly, so I bought a spray bottle of it. It was $10.

I sprayed everything in the yard except the tomatoes. I was surprised to find the deer didn’t eat the things I sprayed. However, they found the tomatoes and enjoyed eating those.They also ate a geranium that I had forgotten to spray, and for the first time ever they ate my big daisies. They had never bothered them before.

So, then I sprayed everything except the tomatoes. By then I had used up all the contents of the spray bottle, as I went back to the nursery and bought a gallon of the Liquid Fence concentrate, which is fairly inexpensive because it makes a lot.

I must tell you that it worked. This is a wonderful product and is fairly rain-resistant.

This product was created by an 81 year old man in the Pocono Mountains named Clark Kaskie. He was constantly bothered by deer and rabbits eating his flowers and shrubs. He says he spent a fortune on chemical deterrents that didn’t work and finally erected a four-foot fence but thought it was ugly.

Mr. Kaskie, a retired chemical engineer, began experimenting with his own concoctions and after three months work found just what he was looking for. A very effective deer and rabbit repellent that was environmentally safe, biodegradable, and inexpensive.

He gave the product to people in his area for two years, and those people were so pleased with it that they urged him to make it available to more people. Today, it is used successfully in many states in both residential and commercial areas.

This product has a money-back guarantee and is not harmful to animals


Deer Keep eating my pansies and violas. What Cool – weather flowers can Grow and they won’t bother can I plant now?
Snapdragons would be on the top of the list. If you set out transplants now, you will get flowers in both fall and spring. Other good choices include petunias, pot marigolds and wall flowers. Also spay with Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit  Liquid Fence’s all natural Deer Repellent is designed to offer you year-round protection from deer and rabbits. Like all of Liquid Fence’s animal repellents, our deer and rabbit repellent is proven effective at safely repelling deer and rabbits. Deer are constantly foraging for food, eating evergreens, shrubs and other landscape plants.This is a Awesome Product

Exciting Update on Keep Cape Safe


Today the Keep Cape Safe petitioners’ committee turned in more than 4,000 notarized signatures  to Gayle Conrad, Cape Girardeau City Clerk.  4,000 + citizens have requested that Ordinance 4340 (the deer hunting ordinance) be repealed or put to a vote.

We need to urge city council members  to vote to repeal the ordinance rather than spending taxpayers’ money on an election.


We need to call in speak outs, write letters to the editor, and make comments on the Keep Cape Safe website.  Key points:  urban bow hunting is unsafe, inefficient, and inhumane.


Alternative ways to live in harmony with deer:

          Decrease speed limits (and enforce them).

          Fencing in problem areas.

          Education of residents about avoiding accidents and ways to protect landscapes.

          Attention to wildlife corridors ( eg. access to water).


Thank you for all you are doing to Keep Cape Safe,


Steve Stigers


Keep Cape Safe will be looking over the Petition names and around 8-23-12 we will hand deliver this information to Cape Girardeau Missouri City Hall. Please check our website Daily for updates. Again Thank You


Keep cape safe now is still receiving phone calls to sign  the Petition Thank You

Keep Cape Safe will meet Thursday, August 16, at 6:30 pm in the Oscar Hirsch Room at the Cape Girardeau Public Library.  This will be an opportunity for anyone to sign a referendum petition against bow hunting and target practicing within city limits.  We would like all petition forms turned in Thursday night.  There will be a notary at the meeting to notarize any signatures.

We already have the number of signatures required for a referendum, but additional signatures are valuable to show that many, many citizens are against bow hunting of deer in the City of Cape Girardeau.


Keep Cape Safe has more than enough notarized signatures  requesting that citizens have the opportunity to vote YES TO REPEAL the bow hunting/target practice ordinance.  Hundreds more are waiting to be notarized and turned in.  We will have a meeting Thursday, August 16, at the Cape Girardeau Public Library (6:30 pm) to collect any outstanding signatures.  There will be a notary there to notarize petition forms.

This is a very strong showing, and we thank all those who signed and all the folks who worked so hard circulating petitions.  Cape Girardeau’s historic referendum petition has been successful!  The ill-advised urban bow hunting ordinance WILL be suspended.  City Council will HAVE TO DECIDE whether to repeal the ordinance or spend taxpayers’ money for an election.


Good evening.

First, let us say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped gather signatures.  We are so appreciative of your efforts.  Lots of hours in the hot sun, and then more hours in the hot sun.

Too many petitions are outstanding to know a precise number, but we CAN say that the preliminary numbers look GREAT!!!

Folks have turned in over 2000 signatures, but many more still need to be notarized to add to our total.  We will keep you apprised as numbers come in.

Let us know if you have any petitions that need to be notarized.  We would like to collect outstanding petitions as soon as possible.


What proposal did Councilman Voss make at the recent Keep Cape Safe meeting?
·    Mr. Voss presented a “compromise” – suggesting that he could approach the city council about putting the deer hunting issue to a direct vote on the November ballot in exchange for our withdrawing the referendum petition.

How did the group respond?
·    While the initial reaction was positive, further examination brought doubt.
·    We are disappointed that the Council did not consider this before passing the controversial ordinance on a 4-3 vote.
·    Compromise normally occurs BEFORE a final action – and might have been welcomed months ago.
·    After the council passed the ordinance, Keep Cape Safe began pursuing its only option to overturn an ordinance – and the group agreed it must continue its efforts.
·    Just as we have a right to pursue a referendum, City Council has a right to put the issue to a direct vote.
·    Keep Cape Safe did, however, reject Mr. Voss’ request to withdraw our referendum petition.

Why continue – isn’t getting the ordinance on the ballot what Keep Cape Safe wants?
·    The ideal resolution would be for the council simply to rescind the ordinance.  Councilman Voss so far does not support that.
·    Failing that – Keep Cape Safe DOES want it on the ballot.  But the only way that we can be assured it will appear on a ballot is by collecting enough valid signatures on the petition.

But didn’t Mr. Voss say he could get it on the ballot?
·    He cannot speak for the full council.  And sunshine laws should prohibit the council’s agreement to this in advance of the next meeting.
·    While he may think he knows how the council members would vote, their reactions cannot be assured.
·    During months of discussions that included multiple requests for this to be on the ballot, there was NO consideration given to a ballot – NO compromise offered before the council’s final decision.  Why should we be confident that proponents on the council would change their minds now?
·    Given the council’s recent decision to postpone a final vote because of the absence of one councilman – and without assurance that all council members will even be in attendance at their next meeting – assumption about any action they may take is questionable.

But could the council accomplish this?
·    Yes.  This would have to be accomplished as an emergency ordinance.   (Although one wonders how months of debate could end with an “emergency”.)
·    It would either require 3 readings at a single meeting or a special meeting for the second and third readings.

But if the council does pass an emergency ordinance on August 6th, why not stop collecting signatures?
·    Legal counsel and an election official indicated that the ONLY way we can be assured it will appear on a ballot is through the referendum process.
·    The City Charter gives us only 40 days to collect signatures.  If we stopped and the council would change its mind again, it would be too late for us to act.

If the Council enacts an ordinance to put it on the ballot, can they change or rescind that action?
·    Absolutely.  Just as the council has the legal authority to enact an ordinance, they have the same authority to rescind or change an ordinance.   A vote on August 6 is no guarantee that it will appear on the November ballot.

But doesn’t a referendum require a special election and cost the taxpayers a lot of money?
·    NO, not necessarily.  According to the City Charter:  “For the sake of economy, the provision for a special election can be deferred by a request from the majority of the petitioners’ committee with the concurrence of the council.”
·    However, once our petition is certified, the council will have an opportunity to rescind the deer hunting ordinance and avoid spending tax payers’ money.

So what are the next steps for Keep Cape Safe?
·    We are going to continue circulating petitions to reach our goal of 2446 signatures of registered voters.  We are committed to this process and have worked too hard to quit now and risk losing our opportunity to repeal this ordinance.
·    We will continue to respond to requests for opportunities for individuals to sign the petition.  Call 335-4091.
·    We will be at community events, walking in neighborhoods, and positioned at polling places on Tuesday, August 7.
·    We will post on this website our schedule for collecting signatures at the polls on August 7.