Democracy Works

The Cape City Council now has the opportunity to overturn the deer hunting ordinance which 4,000 citizens have signaled their disaproval of by signing a petition. The City Council should listen to this voice of the people.  This is democracy at its best.

Democracy in Action

The Cape City Clerk has certified that the Petition submitted by Keep Cape Safe has 3,911 are registered Voters in Cape Girardeau Missouri, did sign the Petition.  The Cape County Clerk went over each name to check Voter registration and has approved there are 3,911 signatures so The Ordinance is Now Suspended! The City Council will need to take action on this matter October 1 meeting date Thank you this is About Democracy.


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City managers Office ward map

With the July 16 2012 Vote the Cape Girardeau Mo City Council Voted 4-3 to allow deer hunting in the city limits. This means Cape Girardeau Mo will not be safe to be outside from September 15—-January 15.  Any Person wanting to be outside to enjoy the fresh air will be with the deer hunters this is a dangerous solution no one will know where the deer hunter is so you will need to find a secure place to take a walk. This is a community with a nick name City of Roses, safe place to live, wanting to be safe for people to raise a family.  I am in the safety field trying to keep people safe, the training & education I have would not allow people in the same area as a person that is deer hunting. I have had over site in very dangerous job processes that have no room for error. We know have one more concern for our safety letting your kids play in the back yard this cannot be done we will need to have more thought where the kids are able to play outside, for you to sit outside, to grill, to walk around the block we are now governed to stay inside. Where there is a secure area it will not be inside the city limits of Cape Girardeau Mo to enjoy life to raise a family. When I grew up in this town I could ride my bike and play outside go to the woods inside city limits with no thought of Deer Hunters, let alone people target practicing with their compound Bow and Arrow.

I wonder how the 2 hospitals and the 1st responders what are they doing for training for trauma and treating for a Arrow impaled in someone. The hospitals have skilled, able, can do doctors, but I do not think any doctor signed on for taking a arrow out of someone.   And the rehab for this person we have state of the art programs with skilled, able, can do people but, the trauma is a big issue.

Thank You and Scott Moyers Friday, July 27, 2012 this is very helpful so the community can understand this URBAN DEER HUNTING Cape Girardeau Mo is law.  We are adding Volunteers and people calling or e mailing so they to can meet so they can sign the petition.  We have our work in front of us our goal is to bring integrity and secure safety.  info you need to know about Cape Girardeau Mo is 1. We have a working Dairy farm, 2. Wildlife Protected area  3. State land with easements 4. Shopping areas that are next to open grass area or wooded areas  5. Cape City Parks next to housing areas. 6. We have nursing homes in the city limits of Cape Girardeau mo. 7 we have group homes inside the City limits of Cape Girardeau Mo. 8 we have a safe house for women and children from violence in Cape Girardeau Mo.  9 we have people with heart problems 10 we have people with special needs in Cape Girardeau Mo
About Safety Hunters are not required to pass a skills test.   72 Arrows is the standard 699 score is tops
About Safety Hunters are not required to notify city officials when and where they may be hunting. Integrity Cape Girardeau City Hall does not have the ability to enforce the ordinance
Safety Discharge of a weapon has been banned from City of Cape Girardeau Mo for Decades