Cape Girardeau’s first ever referendum will be on the April 2 ballot.

Please participate in our democratic process.  If the referendum fails, we will see the reckless and cowardly shooting of semi-tame deer within the city limits.

Please remember to vote YES for safety rather than recklessness.

Please vote YES for tolerance and kindness rather than cruelty.

Please vote YES to repeal the unsafe, cruel, misguided deer hunting ordinance.

For now, we have to work hard to make sure the referendum succeeds.  Keep Cape Safe will meet Thursday, 1//31/13 at 6:30 pm in the G. Hirsch Room at the Cape Girardeau Public Library.

Please join us.

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  1. YES to stop the killing of semi-tame deer in Cape Girardeau

  2. brenda cruz says:

    I vote yes to stop the killing of semi-tame deer in Cape Girardeau! Its cruel/inhumane. Please Stop the killings.


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