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Cape Friends of Wildlife will meet at 6:30 pm September 27, in the Penzel Room of the Cape Girardeau Public Library.

We have won a battle against hunting in the city but not the war.

The Cape Girardeau City Council, after only one meeting in September will have an emergency vote October 1 to repeal their bow hunting ordinance or have an election.

The problem is:

According to Cape Girardeau’s charter, the city council, “… shall meet regularly at least twice each month.”.  Instead, they opted to cancel the second meeting on September and go to Osage Beach and make this vote, “an emergency.”

The fact is, it will take five votes to repeal in an “emergency” vote vs. the usual four.

Why an emergency?

Is this legal?  Is it right ?

Why would they not meet twice in September as required by law?

Are they not once again manipulating the vote?

Unlike their slapdash approach, we have reasons, we have alternatives, we have plans.

What are city council members thinking?


Did you know that in Missouri convicted felons are allowed to bow hunt?  Some of our city council members want to have convicted felons with bows and arrows hunting in our neighborhoods.


Some city council members are more responsible and oppose hunting in our city.  Safety of citizens is the most important responsibility of government.  It is certainly NOT to provide recreational hunting opportunities to individuals (including felons) who want to shoot semi-tame deer in an urban setting.



It’s official.  Bow hunting of deer in Cape Girardeau has been suspended.  City Clerk Gayle Conrad has certified the Keep Cape Safe referendum petition.  There will be no bow hunting in Cape Girardeau this year.  This is the achievement of many dedicated citizens who collected more than 4,000 signatures to repeal the city council’s deer hunting ordinance.

Will there be deer hunting in Cape next year?  Our city council has 30 days to act.  They will vote (probably Oct. 1) to repeal the ordinance or put it on a ballot.  Surely they can see by now that most citizens do not want hunting in the city.  It would be amazingly irresponsible of them, really, to spend some $25,000 of taxpayers’ money on a ballot with a foregone conclusion.


Keep Cape Safe had many more signatures than required for a referendum on Cape Girardeau’s controversial deer hunting ordinance long before the 40 day deadline.

A lot of folks saw our signs at the polling places on August 7 and said, “We came just to sign this petition.” People obviously care, and the vast majority are against deer hunting in the City of Cape Girardeau.

Keep Cape Safe has been listening to citizens.  Most city council members have NOT been listening to their constituents on this important issue.

Members of our group have tried for nearly a year to get city leaders to realize that the urban hunting ordinance would be bad for Cape Girardeau and is out of step with the community.

We believe elected officials should be responsive to what citizens want and fiscally responsible as well.  For the city council to fail to repeal an ordinance that so many citizens believe is unsafe and wrong would not be responsive to what citizens want.  Spending taxpayers’ money on a special election would not be fiscally responsible.

We will win at the polls if the city council takes it to that point.  We hope they are wiser than that.  On the bright side, some city council members realize the ordinance is unsafe and irresponsible and voted against it.

On the other hand, disappointment with the conduct and attitude of at least one representative has led folks to discuss a recall petition.