Archive | August, 2012

 Bow hunting will not reduce the deer population of Cape Girardeau.  Bow hunting is nothing more than a recreational form of hunting.  It is extremely ineffective and will not remove enough deer to have any long-term impact on the deer population.  In fact, bow hunting may actually increase the local deer population through compensatory reproduction.  It will probably cause a number of unintended consequences – eg. wounded deer traumatizing residents and children and   increased deer car collisions.

     Allowing bow hunting in Cape Girardeau will only turn our safe community into a private hunting preserve that will threaten the safety of our families, children, and pets.

Twenty two published scientific studies indicate the average wounding rate for bow hunting is greater than 50 percent.  More than one out of every two deer shot are never retrieved.  Many of these studies were conducted by state wildlife agencies.

The facts are indisputable.  Bow hunting is extremely ineffective and inhumane and subject countless deer to great misery before death.  In addition, these wounded deer will be dying in residents’ yards traumatizing children and adults alike and running into roads, increasing car – deer collisions.

Will Cape Girardeau City be liable for any damages or deaths caused by their ordinance to allow the use of lethal weapons in our densely populated community?  This ordinance is reckless and negligent, and an accident waiting to happen.  Who is liable when an arrow wounded, panicked deer runs out into the street causing a car accident that kills a child or another occupant in the car?

We find no honor or hunting credibility in killing (we cannot call it hunting) semi-tame deer in a suburban setting.  This is a cowardly act that a man of honor would not participate in.